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Sailing Concept of Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2016

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Agio Midnight Sun Raid of 2016 is a little different than previous versions. This time it is not a formal race but more a joint cowboy raid for group of F18 crews, sailing and hiking together in the bright northerly archipelago in the Bay of Bothnia. I.e. there are no formal organizer.
The plan is that we before we leave a beach we commonly decide for two (or one if time is short) legs of sailing and what will be the next beaching site.
Then we go out on the water and sail a first leg, wait on the water at the finish until all crews have finished and then make a new start of next leg towards the next beaching site. Etc. etc.
All starts and finishes are planned to be made on the water. Normally between marks or boat, but rabbit start might also be used. Which, is decided on the beach when the legs are decided.
 Main venues:

A list of waypoints that might be used as rounding marks etc. is available in different file formats here:

Initial overall schedule:
Friday July 1st, 19:00
Opening ceremony and barbecue at “Brändö Konferens & Fritidsby”.
Saturday July 2nd, 10.00
Start of leg 1
Sunday July 3rd, 09.00
Start of leg 5
Saturday or Sunday 23.00
Start of Midnight Sun Leg
Monday July 4th, 09.00
Start of leg 9
Monday July 4th, 15.00
Planned finish of last leg, close to “Brändö Konferens & Fritidsby”.
Monday July 4th, 17.00
Price giving ceremony

Daily after race and beaching, sauna followed by dinner and prize giving ceremony.
All crews are joining at their own risk and are as such responsible to carry the knowledge and equipment for handling conditions and accidents that might appear in this kind of raid. And with respect to your fellow crews it is expected to include:
  • Navigation equipment for the area
  • Worn personal flotation devices.
  • Water proof mobile phone with the phone number of tender boats crew and contact persons stored.
  • Be prepared to answer call from other crews and tender boats.
  • Wet or dry suit for all crew
  • First aid kit
  • Two flares
  • Knife (mounted on front or rear beam)
  • Paddle
  • Towing line.
  • The boat is insured with valid third party liability insurance.
  • If retiring from a leg or does not start, the crews on the tender boats is notified immediately.
Additional inspiration on how to address safety can be read at: the Notice of Raid for Stockholm Archipelago Raid:  and other raid sites.

There are a couple of motor boats following the fleet and they will, to the best of their ability, support any crew with problems on the legs.
All crews are expected to support any other crew that got into a life threatening situation, when it is noticed. Common sense between friends!

There will be a result table for the raid embracing the low point scoring system of KSR A, but modified so that when five or fewer legs have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores

 If some crew makes something improper during a leg, it shall as a curtesy to the other crews voluntary ake a penalty as follows:
·       a jybe on a beat,
·       a tack on a run or
·       a tack and a jybe in order of choice on a reach.
Accomodation in the raid is “Cowboy style” as preferred. Recommendation is to include equipment like:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hygiene products
  • Eating equipment (cup, plate, cutlery, …)
  • Evening clothes ;)
  • Please pack in water protective bags.

  • BBQ on Friday is included.
  • For the first day (Saturday) please bring your own lunch package.
  • Breakfast Sunday and Monday, lunch (prepared by each crew at breakfast) Sunday and Monday, dinner Saturday and Sunday – is included and jointly prepared.
  • Bring your own food (bars or similar) to have on the water.
There is no “race committee” but any questions on how to join and participate can, after checking that the answer cannot be found on , be forwarded to:

 Joakim Wiklund
+ 46 70 697 52 51